We are unable to offer classes at the moment because of COVid19 - this provides us all the opportunity to build our immediate relationships and be helpful to others who are not able to fend for themselves. 

We teach Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Mindfulness Practices as part of the different courses we offer.

Each of the practices offers a different perspective on moving mindfully and or finding the stillness in movement.

There is a place in the body called the Dantien (DanTien or Hara in Hindu practices). This is the part of the body where heaven (yang) meets earth (yin), mixes and distributes chi (or vital energy). Learning where this is, how to harness it and utilise it to nourish the human organism is the aim of Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

There are many Tai Chi forms and there are 10,000 Chi Gong forms / practices.

Essentially, when you can find the point where yang becomes yin and yin becomes yang and harness that you have a handle on those forces.

Here are all our Tai Classes and associated workshops / self directed studies.

benefits of tai chi

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All classes require you to book in again unless you are a long term, on-going student.


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