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Friday 7th we change to rooster month

Vicki Sauvage - Friday, September 07, 2012

Fri 7th September - yin metal sheep - change of month

I'm late I'm late for a very important date - so sorry folk - been doing the monthly newsletter. If you don't get the newsletter then you can sign up for it and stay up to date. The article on Julian Assange has proven very popular already.

We change to the month of the metal rooster today at 14.44 hrs.

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin earth rooster
  • day: yin metal sheep

Emperor is yin metal.

The flow is to metal - the emperor is therefore very strong except in the hour of the rat. When water will come tumbling down. All the earth in the world just cannot contain this flow.

When you have a strong energy day if the flow suits you then harness it if it does not then make sure you pace yourself and save yourself for another day.

Sat 2nd September - yang water monkey

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month:yin earth rooster
  • day: yang water monkey

Emperor is yang water.

It is a rivalry day so difficulties for a child born today.

The rooster sitting in the middle helps transition the energy to water. Expect a lot of emotional upheaval and distress. See if you can keep your centre and balance. Here is a link to a guided visualisation which might help.

Grounding meditation

Sun 9th September - yin water rooster - two roosters are tricky

This could be a very tricky month for Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd.

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin earth rooster
  • day: yin water rooster

Emperor is yin water.

The flow is to the emperor with a competitor sitting over the gorge in the year stem.

The two roosters are the tricky elements today. Two roosters are like in the farmyard very difficult to keep under control.

Tony Abbott is a rooster and so too is Kevin Rudd - this brings 4 roosters to Kevin and 3 to Tony - lets watch if there is any slips between cup and lip for them.

Mon 10th September - yang wood dog clash with the year

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin earth rooster
  • day: yang wood dog

Emperor is yang wood.

The flow is earth.

This earth flow stops the clash between the dog and the dragon - even so don't plan important events today.

If you can use this earth ie if you are a strong wood person yourself and you can control the wealth in your chart then this is auspicious. If earth is an unwelcome element for you then take it easy.

There are thousands of channels in our consciousness; it's up to us to choose the channel. Nurture that which brings compassion and wisdom.
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