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Lunar month comes in at 00:50 hours.

Vicki Sauvage - Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Today is a solar eclipse commences today and is visible in Europe, Africa, central Asia and has a global effect.

Today is the change point for the lunar month. At 00.50 the month will change over to the lunar month of the ox.

If we use the solar date then it changes on the 6th at 00.50.

I will continue to use the solar calendar but if we use the lunar calendar it will be a most interesting day with 2 stems and 2 branches made of yin earth! Lets keep our minds open and examine the day as it manifests.

Using the solar calendar we can see we have a yin earth sheep day. The sheep is yin earth. The sheep clashes with the rat.

The cosmic flow is only visible in the yang energies and that flow is towards output (yang metal). When we look to the yin elements we see there is no flow just a challenge from the yin water in the rat, but let us remember that the rat is in clash with the sheep - thus leaving the day emperor neutral.

This means that the day emperor is tending towards being weak because of the presence of the yang earth.

The weakest element today is fire - the emotional aspect of fire is excessive joy (mania) and shock. In fact I am reading an excellent text by Leon Hammer Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, he contends that all large emotions expressed suddenly and violently will affect the heart qi in different ways.

If you find intense anger / rage rising up or intense grief then do something active to release the qi and do things that nourish heart qi. Massage the tips of your fingers particularly the small fingers and the side of the small finger at the base of the finger nail.

Julian Assange

Julian is again not helped by the solar qi - the pull towards yang metal is not helpful to him.

If we look at this day through the lens of the lunar calendar then this day is a powerfully good day for him, if a little overwhelming. Can / could he use all that yin earth? There is no longer any yang earth in the picture to direct the qi to yang metal - he therefore is aided by this flow - let us watch and see what unfolds.

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