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Paint colours for your front door

Vicki Sauvage - Saturday, October 28, 2017
Paint colours for your front door

Choose your front door colourIf you want to incorporate Feng Shui into the paint colours for your front door then don’t just paint it red because you’ve read some decorating magazine or book that tries to give a nod to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui does attend to colour – it is an important aspect of Chinese Medical and Metaphysical analysis. It is, however, important to know what direction your house faces, and then determine the location of the main door. Not all doors face the street, and some main doors are located to the side, or are angled to a different direction from the frontal plane of the house. For this conversation, we need to put those complexities to one side.

So let’s choose some colours simply based on the bearing of the door (make sure you use a compass to determine the bearing of the door).

There are 8 main bearings for the main door each spanning 45 degrees. They fall into the general directions of the compass: north, north east, east, south east, south, south west, west and north west. There are other nuances to those eight general bearings or orientations but with this simple advice you can make somewhat more informed choices. Each of the directions span 22.5 degrees either side of the absolute orientations. This means that when I refer to North it is referring to the 22.5 degrees to the west, and the 22.5 degrees to the east of due North. A word of warning – this refers to magnetic bearings so do not use Google Maps and other devices to determine the bearing – it must be determined using a compass.

If your door falls within the 45 degrees of:

  1. North – then the colours which suit that direction are black, navy blue, indigo and colours that tend to black such as deep charcoal grey.
  2. North East – then the colours which suit that direction are yellow, orange, brown, rust, burnt umber and variants of that, some yellowed off creams.
  3. East – then the colours which suit that direction are mid greens, mid blues – this includes jade, emerald, turquoise and variants of that – brown does NOT belong to the East.
  4. South East – as above
  5. South – this is the direction that suits fire – red, pink, purple, lilac, magenta, lavender and other variants.
  6. South West – the colours for this direction are the same as North East
  7. West – this is suitable for white, mid grey, silver (includes aluminium), gold (this includes copper but not if it has developed a green / grey patina.
  8. North West – this is also a match for the West.

There are many other aspects of Feng Shui and Colour that a trained consultant takes account of, but at least this extremely general advice will not lead you into problems. 

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