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Transformation energy converting to fire

Vicki Sauvage - Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Today is a yin water ox day. The ox is earth and earth holds and controls water. The month and the year also have the stems controlling the branches.

In the hour of the pig the season of water is fully present and can transform in the presence of yin water in the day stem BUT that yin water is transformed into fire as yang earth is sitting beside it. There is, however, no fire branch to 'push' the transformation so the transformation is not facilitated until the hour of the horse and the snake.

The cosmic flow is non existent. The day emperor is strong in it's own right being supported by the rat - yin water. Power is present, no resource that supports the day emperor, the stem conversion when it is facilitated takes from the day emperor - the yang stems and branches are stronger than the yin stems and branches.

The rat and the ox can combine to form earth and earth is present in the month stem - this can be facilitated and so the strongest energy is actually with earth - earth is able to control yin water. The emperor is therefore feeble! The cosmic flow is mixed up with yin and yang elements present in equal measure.

Julian Assange

Julian is a follow output person so does not like energies that bring back the day master. He does not like to see anything that challenges intelligence (output) or that brings back the day master.

He has been under pressure ever since August of this year, when his new luck cycle commenced and when the yang metal of the year stem was replaced by the yang wood of the tiger.

He does not like any of the energies that are present today - not the yin water stem, not the rat, not the earth day emperor.
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