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Yang metal monkey day = trouble for the tiger

Vicki Sauvage - Thursday, December 30, 2010
Today is a yang metal monkey day. The monkey is metal.

The month is yang earth rat and the rat and the monkey like to make music together and seek out any other water to help them transform into water BUT there is no handy stem around except in the hours of the horse and the sheep on this day of the 5th of January 2011.

The cosmic flow is from resource to the day emperor.

The day emperor is very strong with only a pathetic little tickle from the tiger's yang wood. The tiger has NO strength to contribute to the energy pattern.

The monkey and the tiger are in clash. As we are almost completely immersed in the month of the ox the power of the tiger is waning and the clash will not affect the monkey as much as it will the tiger.

If you are a tiger then please take care on the road. Both the tiger and the monkey are movement signs - watch that accelerator foot please.

Julian Assange

Today we lay to rest the analysis of Julian's month of difficulty. The month of the earth ox will help him. He will get great support from the days of the rooster and the snake and any other ox days will bring back the self to nourish the output.

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