More Fei Kong lessons


More Fei Kong lessons

19 October 2018

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Just a little time has elapsed since I last posted either a newsletter or a blog post!

I decided at the beginning of the year to keep schtum about the world events as they were big enough to speak for themselves and also not to contribute too much more to the hysteria and over analysis of individuals and world events as we each try to both navigate and make sense of what has been unfolding.

I bumped into another Astrologer (western astrology) who urged me to write something to bring things back into perspective for people, so here I am taking pen to paper or rather fingernails to keyboard before we hit November!

The first thing is to encourage you to look at the original articles about Fei Kong from the beginning of the year and from the splendid little piece of subversion by the speaker of the Tasmanian House of Assembly. Do review them if you have the time and want to follow along.

Fei Kong energy is very aggressive and abrasive when at it's destructive cycle and enlightening and able to break through dominant paradigms when working at its best.

This year is a Fei Kong year! The machinations over the last 8 months, in the Australian parliament, are great examples of when people seek to break through and all they do is break up ... trust! The impetus is to break up and our job as sentient beings with volition and powers of discrimination is to resist the urge to break up and look for dialogue and discourse rather then narrow self interest and feeding the narcism of career politicians.

So what has been going on?

Anyone with a Fei Kong chart - that is has 2 Fei Kong stars including one on their day pillar plus one other pillar (can come on a luck pillar) is regarded as a Fei Kong person. These people will always be Fei Kong for the duration of the Fei Kong influence. However, when we get a Fei Kong year, even the faux Fei Kong folk rise to the surface. They will have a transient relationship with power, or feel the influence very acutely in both personal life and work place. You know who they are - they are very apparent. Some have learnt how to wield power in a deep and influential way without hurting others - that is they demonstrate leadership not tyranny, others are ruthless and cold hearted, unable to adapt or bend their will to the collective good.

Justin Milne

Lets take the example of Justin Milne (ex chair of the ABC board)

He is a faux Feu Kong man with a FK Year pillar (yang water dragon). The controversy about his handling of the sacking of Michelle Guthrie and the 'scandal' that surrounded his apparent requests in terms of journalists at the ABC took place in a Fei Kong year, in a special month with a particularly tricky combination. This year (2018 - yang earth dog) clashes with his year of birth (yang water dragon). His luck pillar of yin fire snake clicked over to the 2nd half of the luck cycle in 2016 which then clashes with his month pillar (for 5 years), and the day the controversy broke and unfolded saw three consecutive days when the additionally challenging energy was present. He stepped down on the 27th of September which was a yang water dog day (clashing again with his year of birth) and a Fei Kong day. Someone who forgot to keep their head down and to wield power with more discretion and compassion. The year is not yet complete so the lessons continue to unfold.

Scott Morrison

Has one mm on his pillars and entered a fei kong luck pillar with mm on it in 2016. He rose to power in a month with mm and the last 2 months have had mm energy with them. So how has he done do you think? Has he been merely the night watchman before they go to a new election or the best choice on the day /month / year??? Not for me to comment but ... when the stars are NOT with you, you had better develop some pretty compelling personal characteristics and narrative that speaks into the hearts of the people. Watch for an update after the Wentworth by-election here ...

Peter Dutton

He has a Fei Kong year pillar and entered a Fei Kong luck cycle in 2016. One of his pillars has the mm and the year of the toppling of Malcolm Turnbull is Fei Kong. Peter Dutton's new luck cycle is Fei Kong with mm. He is still a faux fei kong BUT the year energy in 2018 has pushed him to show his hand prematurely. Will he last the distance? Watch the political sphere to see the next chapter unfold.


If you have Fei Kong anywhere in your pillars, natally or in a luck cycle and the year is a Fei Kong year then you will feel compelled to act in an uncharacteristic or premature way, before all the pieces are on the table let alone placed on the board ready for "Game On".

Developing compassion, deep listening skills and putting other people's needs ahead of naked ambition is IMPERATIVE for a good leader - wether you aspire to lead your nation, state, community, work place or home unit. Develop compassion and the ability to nurture others and you will build much more than you take. Make sure that you act in others interests not your own naked ambition / pursuit of your own agenda.

Let me know what you have done on a personal level this year to adapt to the extra challenges.

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